As you are caring for your burn survivor loved ones, let us care for your legal rights.

Karen Dodge and others at the Dodge Legal Firm are burn survivors ourselves. We know that when a burn injury occurs, the focus of the family and friends is, of course, for the injured loved one, but sadly and all too often, the focus of the persons responsible for the injury is on the protection of the wrongdoer.


$8,000,000 Motorhome Fire
$7,384,874 Vehicle Freeway Accident
$6,725,491 Child Burned by Stove
$6,400,000 Child Burned by Cig. Lighter
$5,400,000 Vehicle Over a Mountain Cliff
$5,000,000 Camping Fuel Can Explodes
$4,600,000 Truck Freeway Accident
$4,000,000 Private Airplane Crash
$4,000,000 School Uniform Catches Fire
$3,800,000 Fire In Trailer
$3,400,000 Truck-Auto Freeway Accident
$3,250,000 Freeway Rollover
$3,200,000 Vehicle vs. Truck Accident
$2,618,966 Baby Burned in Bathtub
$2,600,000 Death By Asphyxiation
$2,600,000 Baby Burned in Kitchen Sink
$2,000,000 Boat Engine Spews Hot Liquid
$2,000,000 Baby Burned In Sink
$1,750,000 Worker Falls Into Hot Water
$1,350,000 Propane Ignites Clothing


Karen Dodge has been helping people with severe burn injuries exclusively for more than 15 years. She is one of the very few female burn survivors practicing law in America today.


No injuries are more painful than burns. Of all trauma victims, burn patients sustain the greatest threat to life known to medicine. Serious burns are complex injuries.