Karen has handled over fifty major injury burn cases including the following results:

$8,000,000 Motorhome Fire

A husband, wife and daughter were severely burned when their motorhome exploded into flames after leaving the highway.

$7,384,874 Vehicle Freeway Accident

A driver and several passengers suffered second and third degree burns, when their vehicle burst into flames after it was forced into a K-rail by another vehicle, due to a fuel tank design defect.

$6,725,491 Child Burned by Stove

A 3-year-old girl suffered severe second and third degree burns to over 20% of her body when a kitchen stove tipped over and splashed her with scalding liquids.

$6,400,000 Child Burned by a Cigarette Lighter

A 6-year-old girl suffered second degree and third degree burns to over 40% of her body when a cigarette lighter leaked fuel onto her clothing and her shirt caught on fire.

$5,400,000 Vehicle Over a Mountain Cliff

A driver of a vehicle, with two passengers, went over a 500 foot cliff due to a deteriorated berm on a mountain turn-out, the 15-year-old female passenger suffered second and third degree burns to over 50% of her body.

$5,000,000 Camping Fuel Can Explodes

A twelve-year-old girl was badly burned and disfigured when a camping fuel can exploded in her hands.

$4,600,000 Auto vs. Truck Freeway Accident

A brother and sister suffered relatively minor injuries when their vehicle was struck by a tractor/trailer truck on the freeway, a teenage girl and the driver’s wife who were passengers in the vehicle were killed.

$4,000,000 Private Airplane Crash

A passenger in a small private plane was gravely burned over 80% of his body when a faulty fuel system caused an explosion and fire after the plane crashed.

$4,000,000 School Uniform Catches Fire

A 10-year-old boy was badly burned when his school uniform tie caught fire and ignited his school uniform shirt.

$3,800,000 Fire In Trailer

When an electrical fire of unknown origin caused a blaze in a trailer, a five-year-old boy and his two sisters received serious burns.

$3,400,000 Truck-Auto Freeway Accident

A salesman incurred 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his face and arms when he was inadvertently involved in a multiple vehicle freeway accident.

$3,250,000 Freeway Rollover

Two teenage brothers narrowly escaped death when their truck was hit by drag racers on a freeway, rolled over and caught fire.

$3,200,000 Vehicle vs. Truck Accident Injures Two

A driver suffered head injuries and severe second and third degree burns to over 17% of his body, when he and his passenger struck the rear of a tractor/trailer that was illegally parked on the side of the road.

$2,618,966 Baby Burned in Bathtub

A 2-year-old female child was scalded by water in a bathtub due to a water heater design defect and suffered deep second and third degree burns to over 60% of her body.

$2,600,000 Death By Asphyxiation

A demolition worker's family was compensated when he was asphyxiated by carbon monoxide after a minor fire in an underground facility in which he was working.

$2,600,000 Baby Burned in Kitchen Sink

A nineteen-month old baby was scalded by water emanating from the kitchen sink from a faulty hot water heater.

$2,000,000 Boat Engine Spews Hot Liquid

A seven-year-old girl was seriously hurt when a faulty boat engine cooling system erupted and sprayed boiling water on her legs.

$2,000,000 Baby Burned In Sink

A baby was severely scalded in a bathroom sink when 160-degree-plus hot water filled the sink after the toilet was flushed.

$1,750,000 Worker Falls Into Hot Water

A 40-year-old contractor fell into pit of hot water, lost consciousness, and sustained severe burns.

$1,350,000 Propane Ignites Clothing

A 40-year-old beautician was badly burned when her blouse caught fire from a trailer stove propane leak.

$1,075,000 Facial Burn with Cleaning Powder Agent

A 34-year-old man fell down a (4) story open elevator shaft at his place of employment while carrying a bucket of cleaning powder containing lye, suffering severe third degree burns to his face and body.

$1,000,000 Exploding Oxygen Tanks

A paramedic driver was left with burn injuries over his face, chest and arms when transferring oxygen from one tank to another.

$1,000,000 Apartment Fire

An elderly woman lived through a life-threatening fire in her apartment with no working smoke detector, but had to endure slow-to-heal burn wounds to her hands and feet.

$1,000,000 Vehicle Fire

A 22-year-old male driver, suffered second and third degree burns, when he was rear-ended by an SUV and his vehicle’s fuel tank burst into flames.

$850,000 Baby Burned In Bathwater

A six-month-old boy was scalded by water in a bathroom sink from a faulty hot water heater.

$850,000 Skirt Catches Fire

A 30-year-old woman was badly burned when her skirt was unexpectedly ignited by a candle located on the floor at a party.

$800,000 Woman Burned by a Turkey Pan

A 50 year old woman suffered burns when an aluminum turkey pan collapsed splashing grease onto her abdomen and thighs causing third degree burns.

$750,000 Water Heater Vapors Cause Fire

A 20-year-old undocumented worker suffered severe burns when lacquer thinner vapors were ignited by a water heater pilot light.

$495,000 Accidental Arm Burn

A female accountant suffered a burn injury when hot potpourri spilled on her forearm.

$350,000 Man Burned by a Gas Leak

A 64-year-old man suffered third degree burns to his left leg when a flash fire erupted in his carport due to a gas leak emanating from his gas meter.

$300,000 Baby Burned at a Day Care Center

An eight-month-old girl suffered minor second degree burns at a day care center when a crock pot filled with hot water spilled onto her.


A burn survivor herself, Karen understands the effects that burn injuries have not only on burn survivors but their families too.